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Welcome to Haimurubushi Resorts Hotel
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Welcome to Haimurubushi Resorts Hotel

Haimurubushi Kachibai

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POINTYou need to rent a cart.

One of the major resort hotels on Kohama Island is Haimurubushi. “Haimurubushi” means the Southern Cross in the Okinawan dialect. As the name implies, you can see the Southern Cross from the beach of the hotel.

When you enter the vast grounds of the hotel, you will find buildings unified with traditional red roof tiles from the Okinawa region. Therefore, you will feel that you have come to a resort in Okinawa. The grounds of the hotel are very large, and guests basically moved by cart. In addition, it is unusual to move with the cart, and it feels like you are riding a go-cart in an amusement park.

In the building with the front desk, there are restaurants and shops that are used by many people. And the building of the guest room is different from the one of the front desk, and the guest rooms are scattered on the grounds. Therefore, the guest rooms are quiet, but on the other hand, it takes time to move, for example, when going to a restaurant.

There is a beautiful beach on the premises of the hotel where you can enjoy various activities such as SUP and wakeboarding. It is recommended because it is better maintained and cleaner than Tumaru Beach where you can swim in Kohama Island.

Haimurubushi Beach

In addition, the hotel has an outdoor pool. There is also a children’s pool there, which even small children can enjoy. However, the pool is small compared to the size of the hotel.

Haimurubushi Pool

When you stay at Haimurubushi Resorts, you will be healed at extraordinary times. You can enjoy marine activities on the beautiful beach during the day and watch the starry sky while listening to the sound of the waves at night. This hotel is recommended for those who want to relax at a resort hotel on the southern island.

Guest room

Haimurubushi Room

Guest rooms are scattered throughout the vast grounds. Therefore, the guest rooms are very quiet. The room is also spacious.

However, all guest rooms are in a different building from the front desk and restaurant, so you will need to move by cart. There is an additional charge to rent a cart, but it is better to rent it. The site is large enough to move even on foot, but few people are walking.

Haimurubushi Cart

Impressions of staying (Stayed in April 2022)

Haimurubushi Room Terrace

We stayed at Premier Terrace Deluxe in Papiru Building. The room was so comfortable that we wanted to stay for a long time.

The exterior is a one-story building with red roof tiles, and 5 groups can stay in one building.
When you open the door, there is a large entrance where you can take off your shoes and enter the flooring room. The room is spacious and elegant, so you can relax very much. In addition to the bed, the room has a large sofa, which is large enough for two adults to stretch their legs.

This room we stayed in features a spacious terrace. On the terrace, there was a chair at an angle that makes it easy to see the stars as shown in the photo (above). In addition to this, there was also a large sofa.
We couldn’t see the sea from this room, but the view of the trees was beautiful.

  Bathrooms and toilets 
Bathrooms and toilets in the rooms are separate. The bath has a windows so you can see the outside. Although it is a garden view, it should be comfortable because you can use it while watching it. I didn’t use the bath in the room, but used a public bath with an open-air bath. The public bath have a very beautiful view, so we highly recommend it.
Haimurubushi Bathroom

The equipment in the room is the same as in a typical hotel, such as toothbrushes, slippers and hair dryers. Of course, WiFi is also available for free. Besides these, there were also umbrellas and flashlights.
You will have to move outside to go to restaurants and shops. However, there are not many outdoor lights on the premises. If you’re walking outside at night, a flashlight may help. It seems that there are not many outdoor lights to make the stars easier to see.

Haimurubushi Beach

Haimurubushi Beach Swing

This is a beautiful beach on the hotel grounds. You can enjoy various activities such as SUP, kayaking and wakeboarding.

There is an activity reception counter in front of the beach, and there are showers and changing rooms in the building. In addition, there is also a cafe called “Beach Cafe” where you can eat while looking at the sea, and you can enjoy playing in the sea while taking a break.

Haimurubushi Beach Counter

Free beach umbrellas and deck chairs are set up on this beach, so you can relax while looking out at the sea. There are also hammocks and swings, so it is a beach that you must go even if you do not enter the sea.

However, because this beach is shallow, you cannot swim at low tide. It is recommended to go at high tide when taking the picture too.

This beach is far from the front desk. It takes about 10 minutes to walk. Most people go with the cart they rented at check-in, but the staff also offer free transportation to the beach. Few people walk there.

Yuna Beach

Yuna Beach

There are two beaches on the premises of the hotel besides Haimurubushi Beach. One of them is Yuna Beach. This is not a place to swim, but a sunset spot. You can go to the front of the beach by cart. It’s a beautiful beach, so please stop by.

Adan Beach

Adan Beach

The last one is Adan Beach. This is not a place to swim again, but a rocky place. You will put a cart in the “Tumoru building” and walk. It’s a few minutes walk. The rock with a strange pattern was impressive.


Haimurubushi Pool

Haimurubushi has only one outdoor pool and is integrated with the children’s pool. The pool is not very big. In addition, the pool is surrounded by restaurants, so you may be worried about people’s eyes.
We got the impression that it was a pool where we could just look at it while eating or drinking.

Restaurants and cafes

Haimurubushi Cafe

There are 3 restaurants and 2 cafes on site.
The restaurants offer a variety of buffet, BBQ, and course meals.
The cafes overlook the ocean or the pool, and at night they serve as bars where you can enjoy a drink while feeling the sea breeze.

Beach Cafe

Haimurubushi Beach Cafe

It’s a cafe you must go to when you come to Haimurubushi. It is a superb view cafe in front of the beach.

There are seats in the store, but terrace seats are recommended. There is a chair that you can stretch your legs like the picture above, and you can relax while looking at the sea. You can also have lunch at this cafe, so you can use it for a break while playing in the sea.

It is also open at night, so you can enjoy alcohol while watching the stars. I felt that the calm illumination at night was also a nice cafe.

This cafe is quite far from the front desk. If you plan to use it at night, it is recommended to check the road during the day. At night, the road from the front desk to the cafe is dark, and the cart lights are dark, so it’s hard to see the road.

Style Cafe
(meals, desserts, alcohol)
Business Hours 10:00am to 11:00pm
Location In front of the beach

Open Cafe and Bar

Haimurubushi Cafe Bar

It is a cafe by the pool. You can see the pool and the sea together. The scenery is as beautiful as the Beach Cafe.

There is no meal menu, but you can enjoy desserts such as cakes, as well as tea and coffee.
We recommend the brown sugar cream puff (pictured above), which is sold in limited quantities. It was full of brown sugar cream, but the sweetness was modest and it was delicious enough to make me want to eat another one.

We didn’t use it at night, but it seems to be a bar at night. The poolside bar looks nice.

Style Cafe
(desserts, coffee, alcohol)
Business Hours 10:30am to 6:00pm (Cafe)
8:30pm to 0:00am (Bar)
Location Poolside

Buffet Dining

Haimurubushi Buffet

We used it for breakfast and dinner.
This is a buffet style restaurant with a rich menu such as Okinawan dishes, tempura, sashimi and Japanese curry. You can eat Okinawan ingredients such as purple sweet potatoes and bitter melon with tempura.

Of course, there were many kinds of desserts and drinks, and we were very satisfied. There is also a children’s menu, making it easy for families to use.

Bitter melon tempura is recommended. This is a rare menu in Japan. The bitterness and texture of bitter melon is good. Tempura is fried in front of you.
In addition, the breakfast bread was delicious enough to make me want to eat it every day.

Style Japanese / Western cuisine buffet
Business Hours 7:00am to 10:00am (Breakfast)
6:00pm to 9:30pm (Dinner)
Location Building with front desk

Grill Dining

Style Japanese / Western cuisine, BBQ
Business Hours 11:30am to 2:30pm (Lunch)
6:00pm to 9:30pm (Dinner)
Location Building with front desk

Club Dining (Children under 10 not admitted)

Style Course meals
Business Hours 6:00pm to 9:30pm
Location Building with front desk

A store with many products

Haimurubushi Shop

There is only one store in the hotel.

However, the product lineup is abundant and various items are sold.
In addition to marine leisure items such as swimwear and sandals, there are also products such as souvenirs, juices, alcohol and snacks. In addition, they sell diapers and medicines, and you may be able to buy whatever you need during your stay here.

Business Hours 7:30am to 9:00pm
Location Building with front desk

Public Bath

Haimurubushi Public Bath

Why don’t you try using the public bath?

You can enjoy the open-air bath while looking at the beautiful sea. You should go to a bright time to see the scenery.

Only about 6 people can enter the open-air bath, but there is a mechanism to know the congestion status of the public bath with a smartphone. It is recommended to decide the time to go with this. This mechanism was very helpful when I used it.

You also go to the public bath by cart. There is a basket bag in the room, and you put your clothes and towels in it and go to the public bath. The basket bag is useful not only in public bath but also when going to the beach. This kind of consideration is also a wonderful hotel.

Sunset Park

Haimurubushi Sunset Park

This is the same as the name and is a sunset spot. There are swings, hammocks and benches on the beautiful lawn park.

From the park, you can see the sea in front of you. Even if you go during the day, it is a park with beautiful green grass and the sea.

How to get to the hotel

Haimurubushi Bus

Haimurubushi is located on Kohama Island. You can reach Kohama Island by ferry from Ishigaki Island. How to get to Kohama Island is summarized on another page.

When you arrive at the port of Kohama Island, the hotel staff should have already picked you up at the port. You can reach the hotel by free shuttle bus in about 5 minutes. You don’t need to book a shuttle bus and you can get on by telling your name.

Accommodation tips

You need a cart. You have to pay an extra fee to rent a cart, but we think you should rent it during your stay. You will use the cart wherever you go. You can still use the cart after check-out, so you can use it when you go to Haimurubushi Beach on the day of check-out.

There are many photo spots on the premises. At the photo spots recommended by the hotel, there is a table on which you can put your smartphone, and anyone can take beautiful pictures. I liked the view from the “Kaachibai Terrace”.

Public bath is recommended. The open-air bath while looking at the sea is really refreshing. It was also convenient to have a mechanism to check the congestion status on a smartphone. However, there were only two hair dryers in the men’s bath, so some people were waiting for the hair dryer to become available. You will also need to bring towels from the room.

There are not many outdoor light at night. The lights on the cart are also dark, so it’s hard to see the way. Furthermore, the road to the Beach Cafe was narrow, and I was scared when I passed other cart at night.

Haimurubushi Beach is quits shallow at low tide. Not only are you usable to swim at that time, but even if you take the picture, it is not very beautiful. You should go at high tide.
Haimurubushi Beach tide

There is a refrigerator in the room, so you can cool the drinks you bought at the store. In addition, drink vending machines are also available in various locations.

You can use the facilities in the hotel after check-out until you return. In addition, you can leave your baggage for free. Moreover, you can rent a bicycle at the hotel. Therefore, you can go sightseeing on the island on the day of check-out.

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