Ishigaki Island Taxi Information

*This article confirmed the information in December 2023.

・Taxi app (DiDi) is recommended
・Payment methods vary by company
・Airport Ishigaki Port:3,400

Taxi situation on Ishigaki Island
Taxi App
Phone number list
Method of payment
Approximate taxi fare
Taxi stand
Charter Taxi
Wagon Taxi
Wheelchair accessible taxi

Taxi situation on Ishigaki Island

There are many taxi companies on Ishigaki Island. However, there are not enough taxis because so many tourist visit Ishigaki Island throughout the year.

Due to this situation, you should book a taxi if you plan to take it on Ishigaki Island. We recommend it because the booking fee for it is free.

Tips < Reservation method >
Taxi App (DiDi)
Phone (only Japanese)
There are several taxi companies on Ishigaki Island that support a taxi app.

Most of the taxis on Ishigaki Island are sedan-type taxis. Therefore, if you have a lot of baggage, you need to make a reservation for a wagon taxi.

Taxi App

*Information as of December 2023

You can use the taxi app “DiDi on Ishigaki Island.

You can call a taxi by phone, but the staff speaks only Japanese. If you use “DiDi”, you can take a taxi even if you don’t speak Japanese. In addition, it also supports credit payments.

Coupon If you enter the coupon code below when using DiDi, you will get a 500 yen discount on the taxi fare.
Coupon code : R6F8AQDF

Phone number list

This is a list of taxi company phone numbers on Ishigaki Island. They are arranged in descending order of the number of taxis owned. These phone calls are only available in Japanese.

 Ishigakijima Taxi Call Center 
Number of owned taxis : 86 cars

 Kyoudou Musen 
Number of owned taxis : 85 cars

 Sakishima Koutsu 
Number of owned taxis : 44 cars

 Ishigaki Taxi 
Number of owned taxis : 27 cars

 Azuma Taxi 
Number of owned taxis : 24 cars

Method of payment

Taxi fare payment methods differ depending on the company and vehicle. Some vehicles accept credit cards, while others only accept cash. You should ask the staff when boarding or making a reservation.

Approximate taxi fare

Taxi fares on Ishigaki Island are calculated according to distance and time. This is an estimate of taxi fares to major destinations.
This fare was calculated based on google map distance. The fare actually varies depending on the driving route, traffic congestion, etc. Please see it as an approximate fare.

Airport Ishigaki Port : 3,400

Tourist attractions
[Airport dep.]
・Kabira Bay : 5,800
・Tamatorizaki Observatory : 3,700
・Hirakubo Lighthouse : 7,200
・Ishigaki Limestone Cave : 3,300
・Ishigaki Yaima Village : 3,400
[Ishigaki Port dep.]
・Kabira Bay : 4,200
・Tamatorizaki Observatory : 5,700
・Hirakubo Lighthouse : 9,200
・Ishigaki Limestone Cave : 1,100
・Ishigaki Yaima Village : 2,300
[Airport dep.]
・Yonehara Beach : 4,000
・Fusaki Beach : 4,100
・Maesato Beach : 2,700
[Ishigaki Port dep.]
・Yonehara Beach : 4,500
・Fusaki Beach : 1,700
・Maesato Beach : 1,300
[Airport dep.]
・ANA InterContinental : 2,700
・Club Med Ishigaki : 6,300
・Art Hotel : 3,400
・Seaside Hotel : 6,000
・Grandvrio Resort : 4,000
・Fusaki Resort Hotel : 4,100
・Beach Hotel Sunshine : 4,100
・Royal Marine Palace : 3,800
[Ishigaki Port dep.]
・ANA InterContinental : 1,300
・Club Med Ishigaki : 4,900
・Art Hotel : 700
・Seaside Hotel : 4,600
・Grandvrio Resort : 1,300
・Fusaki Resort Hotel : 1,700
・Beach Hotel Sunshine : 1,400
・Royal Marine Palace : 1,100

Taxi stand

Taxi stand at Ishigaki Port

There are several taxi stands on Ishigaki Island.

 Ishigaki Airport 
Taxi stand at Ishigaki Airport
There are many taxis waiting at the airport during the day. The last flight arriving at Ishigaki Airport is about 8:30 pm, so taxis are parked until that time. However, since the airport is in the suburbs, there are fewer taxis parked at night. If you take it after 7:00 pm, we recommend you to make a reservation.

 Ishigaki Port 
Taxi stand at Ishigaki Port
This is the ferry terminal from Ishigaki Island to remote islands such as Taketomi Island and Iriomote Island. This area is the city center of Ishigaki Island.
The last ferry arrives at around 6:00 pm, so the taxi will be there until then.

 ANA InterContinental Hotel 
This is a large luxury resort hotel that represents Ishigaki Island.

 Fusaki Resort Hotel 
Fusaki Hotel Taxi Stand
This is a large resort hotel located about 15 minutes by car from the city center.

 Kabira Bay 
Kabira Bay taxi stand
It is the most famous tourist destination in Ishigaki Island and is a place where many people visit. There are not many taxis, but taxis are parked.

Charter Taxi

You can request a charted taxi from any taxi company. The price is the same for any company. You can make a request by phone or on the website. The fee is based on time, and you can decide the time according to your free time.

The major tourist attractions on Ishigaki Island can be reached in four to five hours by car.

< Examples of chartered taxi fares >
3 hours : About 13,200 yen
5 hours : About 22,000 yen

Many people have the impression that chartered taxis are expensive. However, the price is for one car, it may be reasonable if you take it with a maximum of four passengers.

In addition, rental cars are significantly more expensive during peak season, but chartered taxis do not have peak season charges. Therefore, it is recommended especially during the busy summer season.

Taxi companies that can be booked online

Tokai Koutsu
Mitsuboshi Taxi
Karayama Group
Sakishima Koutsu
Azuma Taxi

Wagon Taxi

Most of the taxis on Ishigaki Island are sedans and can carry four people, excluding the driver. If you want to take any other 9-passenger wagon taxi, you need to make a reservation. Only a limited number of taxi companies have these.
This is a list of taxi companies that have wagon taxis.

Sakishima Koutsu : 0980-82-3988
Tokai Koutsu : 0980-82-3585
Mitsuboshi Taxi : 0980-82-3755
Karayama Group : 0980-88-1777
・Nansei Koutsu : 0980-82-5413
Kabira Kankou Koutsu : 0980-83-8383
・Ishigaki Taxi : 0980-83-1688
Azuma Taxi : 0980-82-5553

Wheelchair accessible taxi

We will introduce taxi companies that own taxis that can be used while in a wheelchair. These taxis are few. If you want to take it, you should make a reservation.

Azuma Taxi (Ishigaki Island)
Tomori Kanko (Taketomi Island)

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