Welcome to Hateruma Island Okinawa Japan

Road leading to Nishihama Beach

*This article confirmed the information in January 2022.

Welcome to Hateruma Island
How to get to Hateruma Island
Electric bicycle is recommended
There are not many restaurants
There are no supermarkets
There are no resort hotels
Hateruma Island ATM information
Emergency medical care
There are no trash cans
Free Wi-Fi

Welcome to Hateruma Island

Hateruma Island is the southernmost island in Japan where people live. It takes about 80 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki Island. Hateruma Island is an island with a population of about 500 people and a circumference of about 15km, and is surrounded by the beautiful sea called Hateruma Blue. Furthermore, it is also suitable for starry sky observations such as the Southern Cross, and you can observe distant stars with a telescope from the Hateruma Island Starlight Tower.

Hateruma Island does not have a tourist facility like a theme park, and you can see the idyllic scenery such as the beautiful sea and sugar cane fields. It is a standard sightseeing plan of this island to go around the island by rental bicycle while watching the idyllic scenery. If you are sightseeing by bicycle, it will take a full day. It is a plan to go by first ferry and return to Ishigaki Island by the last ferry.

The weather is almost the same as Ishigaki Island.

Hateruma Island

How to get to Hateruma Island


There are no flights to Hateruma Island. The only way to get to the island is by ferry from Ishigaki Island. Therefore, you need to fly to Ishigaki Island first and then transfer to the ferry. It takes about 80 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki Island.

It takes about 30, 40 minutes by bus or taxi from Ishigaki Airport to the ferry terminal (Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal). The ferry terminal is far from the airport, so plan your trip considering the travel time.

How to get from Ishigaki Airport to Ishigaki Port is summarized on another page.

Ferries are often canceled, especially in winter in December and January. Even if you can go to Hateruma Island, the return ferry may be canceled. Therefore, when you go to the island, it is better to go on a travel schedule with plenty of time.

More information about the ferry, such as how to take the ferry and discount tickets, is summarized in “How to take a ferry from Ishigakijima to other islands“.

How to get to Hateruma Island
1. Ishigaki Airport (Ishigaki Island)
2. Ishigaki Airport (about 30,40 minutes) Ishigaki Port (Ferry terminal for Hateruma Island)
3. Ishigaki Port (about 80 minutes) Hateruma Island
*Ferries to Hateruma Island often cancel in winter. Please check the operation status.

Ishigaki Port Hateruma Port Ferry schedule
Ferries to Hateruma Island are operated only by Anei Kanko Ferry. The ferry makes three round trips a day.
Anei Kanko Ferry : schedule

Ishigaki Port Hateruma Port Fare for January 2022
The fare changes according to the fuel price. Please check the fare of ferry company.
Anei Kanko Ferry fare

  Adult fare 
one way : 3,610yen~/round trip : 6,910yen~
  Child fare (Elementary school students) 
one way : 1,810yen~/round trip : 3,470yen~

*If you make a reservation from the Anei Kanko Ferry website, you will get a 5% discount on the fares.
Anei Kanko Ferry reservation (Anei Kanko Ferry website)

The ferry shakes
The ferry from Ishigaki Island to Hateruma Island is a medium-sized ferry like the one in the photo above, or a large ferry, but it often shakes. In the case of a medium-sized ferry, depending on the situation, it is scary because it shakes like a roller coaster so that the buttocks floats.
The boarding time is about 80 minutes, so if you get seasick easily, we recommend that you take motion sickness medicine. In addition, you should sit in the backseat of the ferry, which has relatively little shaking. The ferry is a non-reserved seat, so you should go early to the boarding gate to wait for the ferry and sit in the back seat.
Motion sickness medicine is sold at the pharmacy inside Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal.
The first and third ferries are large ferries, so we recommend that you take them.

Electric bicycle is recommended

Hateruma Island road

The means of transportation on Hateruma Island are bicycles, scooters, and cars. These can be rented on the island. There are no route buses or taxis.

Hateruma Island is not a very large island, so we recommend that you take a leisurely bicycle ride around the island. You can go around the island on a city cycle, but there are several slopes on the island, so an electric bicycle is the best choice. You don’t need a reservation to rent a bicycle.

Rental bicycle
Hateruma Island is too big to walk, and tourist attractions are scattered all over the island. Therefore, many people rent a bicycle for sightseeing. There are several slopes on the island, so an electric bicycle is the best choice.
There are several bicycle rental shops on Hateruma Island, and you can rent a bicycle without reservation. However, especially since the number of electric bicycles is small, it is better to make a reservation during the busy summer season.
How to rent a bicycle on Hateruma Island” is summarized on another page.

Rental scooter
There are several slopes on Hateruma Island, so some people use rental scooter. We recommend using it for people who don’t have much time.
Rental scooters are less than rental bicycles, so you should reserve.
OCEANS : 0980-85-8787
Nishihamaso : 0980-85-8290
Kumanomi : 090-8290-2823

Rental car
You can also rent a car on Hateruma Island. However, we don’t recommend it because the roads are narrow and most tourist attractions don’t have parking lot.
In addition, you cannot bring a rental car from Ishigaki Island. You need to make a reservation to rent a car on Hateruma Island.
OCEANS : 0980-85-8787
Subaru rental car : 0980-85-8567

There are not many restaurants

Parlour Minpika

There are restaurants in the village, but not many. However, many travelers visit to the island during the busy summer season, so you should have lunch early. We recommend having lunch before the arrival of the second ferry from Ishigaki Island (around 1:00pm).

There are no supermarkets

Hateruma Shoten store

There are no supermarkets, convenience stores or drug stores on Hateruma Island. There are several small stores (called Shoten) on the island, but there aren’t many items for sale and the prices are high.

When it comes to drinks, there are many drink vending machines in the village, so you don’t have to worry. However, if you need something on Hateruma Island, we recommend that you buy it on Ishigaki Island before you go.

Hateruma Island does not have much shade, so sunscreen is essential when cycling around the island. You should buy it on Ishigaki Island before you go.

There are no resort hotels


Most of the visitors to Hateruma Island are day trips. However, there are scenery that can only be seen if you stay at Hateruma Island, such as the sunset seen from Nishihama Beach (pictured below) and starry sky observation.

Nishihama Beach sunset

Most of the accommodations on Hateruma Island are *Minshuku, and there are no resort hotels.

When you book accommodation on this island, we recommend an accommodation plan with dinner. There are not many restaurants on Hateruma Island where you can eat dinner.

Furthermore, there are no supermarkets or convenience stores too. Therefore, if you have what you need for your stay, you should buy it on Ishigaki Island before going to Hateruma Island.

Hateruma Island ATM information

Hateruma Island post office

There are no banks on Hateruma Island and no place to exchange foreign currency. But you can withdraw money with the credit card or cash card issued by overseas financial institutions at the post office.
There is an ATM in the Japanese post office, and there is also one post office on Hateruma Island. It is convenient because it is also available on weekends and holidays.

The payment method on the island is cash in most places. Therefore, you should prepare cash on Ishigaki Island before going to the island.

Hateruma Post Office

Business Hours 8:45 to 5:30pm (weekday)
9:00 to 5:00pm (the others)
Closed Always open
Address 106-2,Hateruma,Yaeyama-gun Taketomi-cho,Okinawa
Web Post Office Website (in Japanese)

Emergency medical care

Hateruma Island clinic

There is only one clinic on Hateruma Island. It is not a 24-hour medical examination system.

You will call the clinic directly during the office hours and the Ambulance Service (119) during the non-office hours.

The clinic is located near Hateruma Elementary School in the village.

 Office Hours 
Weekday : 8:30 to 11:30、1:30pm to 4:30pm
Sat., Sun., Holiday
 Phone Number 
119 (Ambulance Service)

There are no trash cans

Nishihama Beach

There are no trash cans on Hateruma Island. There are no it put even at Hateruma Port. You will need to bring back any garbage you bring in.
You should take a garbage bag to this island and bring your trash back to Ishigaki Island to keep this beautiful landscape.

Free Wi-Fi

Taketomi Free WiFi

Hateruma Island belongs to Taketomi Town. Therefore, you can use the free public Wi-Fi provided by Taketomi Town on Hateruma Island. However, the Wi-Fi hotspots are only the following two places, and we think that they can hardly be used for your sightseeing.

Wi-Fi hotspot : Hateruma Port Ferry Terminal, Hateruma Island Starlight Tower

Taketomi Town Free Wi-Fi ID : Taketomi-Free-Wi-Fi
PASSWORD : No password

When you go sightseeing on the island, a map is essential because there are no landmark buildings and few guide signs. We recommend that you prepare a router or SIM card to use Google Maps.

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