How to rent an electric scooter (Rimo) on Ishigaki

Rimo Nishihama

Recently we rented an electric scooter called “Rimo” to tour Hateruma Island. As a result of using it, e-scooters are a recommended means of transportation for sightseeing on remote islands.

Summary of Rimo
You need a driver’s licence valid in Japan.
・Maximum speed : 20km
・Cruising range : about 20km
・Weight : about 14kg

Bicycles are the means of transportation on remote islands around Ishigaki Island, except for the large Iriomote Island. Therefore, people who cannot ride a bicycle may have given up sightseeing on remote islands. However, even those who cannot ride a bicycle can ride the “Rimo”. This time, I actually went sightseeing by “Rimo” with someone who can’t ride a bicycle.

This page introduces how to rent “Rimo” and impressions using it.

How to rent
How to ride
Islands you can bring it
Impression of using it
For people who can’t ride bicycles
Package tour with “Rimo”

How to rent

e-SHARE office

You can rent “Rimo” at the e-SHARE Ishigaki office in Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal. The e-SHARE Ishigaki office is next yo the Anei Kanko Ferry ticket office.

Reservations for it are not necessary, but you should make a reservation as there are a limited number of them. You must check in at least 30 minutes before the departure time of the ferry you want to take. Then you will receive instructions from the staff on how to use it, how to fold it, how to assemble it, etc.

  How to rent  
1. Reception
You will check in at the e-SHARE Ishigaki office in Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal.
We recommend you to book it.
e-SHARE office

2. Instructions on how to use it
You will be instructed by the staff how to turn it on and how to adjust its speed. In addition, you will receive instructions on how to fold and assemble from the staff. You need to fold it up and it in a special bag and bring it on the ferry.
Rimo display

3. Departure by ferry
“Rimo” is in a special bag in a folded state. You have to load it onto the ferry yourself. Although it can be transported by rolling the rear wheels, it is heavy at 14kg.
When you put it on the ferry, the crew will put “Rimo” in the baggage storage area.
Rimo bag

4. Arrive at remote island
You take the “Rimo” from the baggage storage area of the ferry and get off the ferry. You will need to load and unload the “Rimo” onto the ferry yourself.
Rimo storage
Then you assemble the “Rimo” yourself at the port. There are no Rimo staff on remote islands. Therefore, you may be in trouble if you haven’t listened to its folding and assembly instructions.
After that, you leave your bag of “Rimo” at the Anei Kanko Ferry ticket office at the port and depart.

5. Return
You will receive your bag of “Rimo” at Anei Kanko Ferry ticket office. Then you fold the “Rimo”, put it in its bag, and board the ferry.
After arriving at Ishigaki Island, return it to the e-SHARE Ishigaki office in Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal.

How to ride

Parlor Minpika

1. Turn on the power
Rimo speed

2. Set maximum speed
There are 3 levels from 1 to 3 for setting the maximum speed. The initial value is “3”. The maximum speed is 20km/h when set to the maximum value “3”. The speed can be adjusted with the lever on the thumb, so the setting of max “3” is easy to ride.
Rimo speed

3. You kick off the ground just like you would on a manual scooter to get it going.

4. It accelerates when the lever on the handle is pushed down with the thumb. It’s easy to adjust the speed with your thumb. In addition, it is a safe design that the lever will not operate even if the lever is lowered when the scooter is stopped, and it will be activated when the scooter is in motion. Therefore, the speed will not suddenly increase by lowering the lever to much.
Rimo Accelerator

5. The brake is the same as a bicycle, the left lever is the rear wheel and the right is the front wheel. It’s braking effect is weak and it does not stop suddenly.
You should slow it down enough before the gap. You feel the impact of the gap strongly. You need to slow down enough before the gap so you don’t fall over on your “Rimo”.

Islands you can bring it

Rimo Hateruma port

The islands you can take a “Rimo” with are Ishigaki, Kohama, Kuroshima, Hateruma and Iriomote, excluding Taketomi.
However, we don’t recommend using “Rimo” on Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island where there are many cars. It’s scary to run with a fast-moving car. It is recommended to use it on remote islands where there are few cars.

The best means of transportation on remote islands
Kohama Island, Hateruma Island : Rimo
Kuroshima Island : Bicycle
There are no slopes, so a bicycle will suffice. You don’t have to bring a heavy “Rimo”.
Ishigaki Island, Iriomote Island : Car
These islands are large, so a car is convenient.

Impression of using it

You will be tired of traveling by bicycle in the strong sunshine. However, “Rimo” is comfortable because it is electric. It can go smoothly even uphill.
From now on, when I go to Kohama Island and Hateruma Island, I will use “Rimo” instead of bicycle.
Rimo drive

Anyone can ride
“Rimo” can be ridden even by those who cannot ride a bicycle. According to people who can’t ride a bicycle, the “Rimo” is less scary because it puts their feet on the ground immediately. The person could not ride an e-scooter with a saddle, but could ride a “Rimo”. “Rimo” seems to be good because it is a scooter that can be ridden standing up.

Sufficient cruising range for remote island sightseeing
This time, we went around Hateruma Island for a whole day, but the battery was half left. The staff said that the cruising range with a full battery is about 20km, but it was enough for sightseeing on remote islands. We didn’t particularly pay attention to power saving when riding, but this is the result of normal use.
Rimo battery

Strongly feel the impact of the gap
You feel the impact of the gap more than the bicycle. Therefore, you should slow down enough before the gap to avoid losing your balance and falling.

Braking effect is weak
The brakes are the same as a bicycle, you can’t stop quickly. Therefore, you should brake early before intersections and gaps.

It cannot be used on unpaved roads
When you rent it you will be told by the staff that it cannot be used on dirt roads. If it is an unpaved road, it is likely to puncture.
The road leading to Sokonatameike Observatory on Hateruma Island is an unpaved road. So we left “Rimo” and went there on foot.
Sokonatameike Observatory

You need to wear a helmet
You have to wear a helmet that is lent with “Rimo”. But the helmet doesn’t have a brim. It’s lame, but we recommend wearing a helmet over your hat. The sun is strong. If you wear a hat with a brim, it will protect you from the sun.

It is heavy to carry
It weighs about 14kg. It’s carried by rolling the rear wheel, but if you hold it in one hand, it’s unsteady and heavy.
Rimo bag

Only Anei Kanko Ferry can be used
The ferry when using “Rimo” will take Anei Kanko Ferry. Yaeyama Kanko Ferry cannot be used.

For people who can’t ride bicycles

Rimo can be ridden even by those who cannot ride a bicycle. This time, I went sightseeing in Hateruma Island on a Rimo with a friend who can’t ride a bicycle. I’ve always wanted to go to Hateruma Island with that friend, but I’ve given up on it because she can’t ride a bicycle.

We told the staff at the Rimo counter that she couldn’t ride the bike. Then she was allowed to test drive it. When she tried it, she was wobbly driving, but she was able to ride it from the first time. Hateruma Island has almost no cars, so we decided to rent a Rimo even though she was in that situation.

After we arrived at Hateruma Island, we practiced it a little at the port before visiting the sightseeing spots. We didn’t fall until the end, and we were able to see the sights safely.

When traveling on a small island like Hateruma Island, it is recommended that you use a bicycle rather than a car to get around. Try the Rimo instead of the bicycle! You should be able to ride it too.

By the way, when she tried an electric scooter with a saddle, she couldn’t ride it. She says standing-up style Rimo are less scary because she can put her feet on the ground sooner.

One of the charms of traveling to Ishigaki Island is sightseeing in the unique remote islands. You should rent a Rimo and enjoy the remote islands.

Package tour with “Rimo”

There is a tour that includes a round-trip ferry fare between Ishigaki Island and other islands and a “Rimo” rental fee. You can go cheaper than going by yourself.

These tours give you the freedom to decide what time to take the ferry and where to go on your “Rimo”.

This tour is offered by Anei Kanko Ferry. If you would like to participate in the tour, you can make a reservation at the website below, by phone, or at the shop counter.

Tour company
Anei Kanko Ferry

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