Welcome to Kuroshima Island Okinawa Japan

*This article confirmed the information in January 2022.

Welcome to Kuroshima Island
How to get to Kuroshima Island
Rental bicycles are convenient
All restaurants on Kuroshima Island
There are no supermarkets
There are no resort hotels
Kuroshima Island ATM information
Emergency medical care
There are no trash cans
Free Wi-Fi

Welcome to Kuroshima Island

Kuroshima Island in Okinawa Prefecture is a small island with a circumference of about 13km, which can be reached in about 30 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki Island.
The island has about 230 people and about 2700 cows, making it an island of cattle with more cattle than humans.
Furthermore, this island is also called a heart island because the shape of the island looks like a heart when viewed from above.
Kuroshima Island is a peaceful island with no convenience stores, supermarkets, or even Koban. In addition, there are not many restaurants, so be careful when visiting the island.

Kuroshima Island

However, the beautiful sea remains because there are not many inhabitants.
The beautiful sea is a tourist attraction on the island, such as the Nishinohama where sea turtles come to spawn, and the Nakamoto Beach where coral reefs become large tide pools at low tide and look like a natural pool.

If you rent a bicycle to visit the tourist attractions on this island, it will take 4 to 5 hours even if you go around slowly. Many people who visit the island are on a day trip.
There are not many travelers on Kuroshima Island, so it is recommended for those who want to relax on the beautiful sea.

The weather is almost the same as Ishigaki Island.

How to get to Kuroshima Island


There are no flights to Kuroshima Island. The only way to get to the island is by ferry from Ishigaki Island. Therefore, you need to fly to Ishigaki Island first and then transfer to the ferry. It takes about 30 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki Island.

It takes about 30, 40 minutes by bus or taxi from Ishigaki Airport to the ferry terminal (Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal). The ferry terminal is far from the airport, so plan your trip considering the travel time.

How to get from Ishigaki Airport to Ishigaki Port is summarized on another page.

More information about the ferry, such as how to take the ferry and discount tickets, is summarized in “How to take a ferry from Ishigakijima to other islands“.

How to get to Kuroshima Island
1. Ishigaki Airport (Ishigaki Island)
2. Ishigaki Airport (about 30,40 minutes) Ishigaki Port (Ferry terminal for Kuroshima Island)
3. Ishigaki Port (about 30 minutes) Kuroshima Island

Ishigaki Port Kuroshima Port Ferry schedule
Ferries to Kuroshima Island are operated by two companies. It is Anei Kanko Ferry and Yaeyama Kanko Ferry.
Please check the schedule of each company.

Anei Kanko Ferry : schedule
Yaeyama Kanko Ferry : schedule

Ishigaki Port Kuroshima Port Fare
The ferry to Kuroshima Port is operated by two companies, but the fare is the same.
The fare changes according to the fuel price. Please check the fare of each company.
Anei Kanko Ferry : fare
Yaeyama Kanko Ferry : fare

  Adult fare 
one way : 1,340yen~/round trip : 2,570yen~
  Child fare (Elementary school students) 
one way : 680yen~/round trip : 1,300yen~

*If you make a reservation from each company’s website, you will get a 5% discount on the fares.
Anei Kanko Ferry reservation (Anei Kanko Ferry website)
Yaeyama Kanko Ferry reservation (Yaeyama Kanko Ferry website)

The ferry shakes
The ferry from Ishigaki Island to Kuroshima Island is a medium-sized ferry like the one in the photo above. It sails in the open ocean for about 15 minutes, but it may shake depending on the sea conditions.
If you get seasick easily, we recommend that you take motion sickness medicine. In addition, you should sit in the backseat of the ferry, which has relatively little shaking. The ferry is a non-reserved seat, so you should go early to the boarding gate to wait for the ferry and sit in the back seat.
Motion sickness medicine is sold at the shop inside Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal.
Shop Sagaribana

Rental bicycles are convenient

Kuroshima Island Road

Transportation on Kuroshima Island
Rental bicycle
Electric scooter
・Rental motorcycle
・Rental car
・on foot

There are no route buses or taxis.

It takes about 30 minutes on foot from Kuroshima Port to Nakamoto Beach. It’s not too far to walk, but many people rent a bicycle.

Rental bicycle
Many people who visit the tourist attractions on the island use bicycle rental. Kuroshima Island has almost no slopes, so you can ride a bicycle comfortably.
There are several rental bicycle shops on Kuroshima Island, and you can rent a bicycle without reservation.
Moreover, if you stay on the island, it seems that you can rent it at your accommodation.
How to rent a bicycle on Kuroshima Island” is summarized on another page.

Rental motorcycle
We recommend using it for people who don’t have much time.
Rental motorcycles are less than rental bicycles, so you should reserve.
Machan Oba’s Rental Bicycle & Scooter : 080-6497-2323

Rental car
You can also rent a car on Kuroshima Island. However, you cannot bring a rental car from Ishigaki Island. You need to make a reservation to rent a car on Kuroshima Island.
Kuroshima rental car : 0980-85-4211

All restaurants on Kuroshima Island


There are only about 6 restaurants where you can eat lunch, including food trucks. Therefore, if the restaurant is open, you should eat there. The business hours of the restaurant are ambiguous.

In addition, the restaurant is closed at night, so if you’re staying on the island, book dinner at your accommodation.

*Business hours may have changed.

Heart Land

Ice Cream Tempura

This is a restaurant in front of Kuroshima Port. This shop operates not only as a restaurant but also as a bicycle rental shop.
We recommend eating tempura of ice cream (pictured above). There is cold ice cream in a warm deep-fried bread, and honey is on it. This sweetness will heal your body tired from cycling and snorkeling.

Business Hours 11:30 to 6:00pm
Closed No closing days
Menu Sea lettuce Soba : 1,000yen
Tempura of ice cream : 800yen
Map No.  1 
Web Official
(in Japanese)
Instagram Official


cafe Iconoma foods

It is a fashionable cafe near the Iko Pier. The photo above is the terrace seat of Iconoma, which is a photo of today’s sweets (waffles) and fruit milk shake. The amount of fruit milk shake is large, but it is not too sweet and moisturizes the tired body.
The inside of the cafe has a calm atmosphere, and we think it’s easy for even one person to enter.

Business Hours 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Closed Wed., Sat., Rainy days
Menu Japanese curry with papaya : 800yen
Today’s sweets : 400yen
Fruit milkshake : 600yen
Map No.  2 
Web Facebook
(in Japanese)
Instagram Official

Horie Sand

Food truck Horie Sand

It is a sandwich shop of a food truck. It is open in front of Kuroshima Research Institute.

It is recommended to eat sandwiches while looking at the sea at Nakamoto Beach. Nakamoto Beach has a bench with a roof.
Bench at Nakamoto Beach

Business Hours about 10:00 to 2:00pm
Closed Unclear
Menu Homemade Sandwich : 300yen
Coffee with brown sugar : 300yen
Map No.  3 
Web Tabelog
Instagram Instagram

Soba&Cafe Undouya


This restaurant seems to be closed.
It is a restaurant that also operates guest houses and rental cars.

Business Hours 11:00 to 2:00pm
Closed Unclear
Menu Unclear
Map No.  4 
Web Facebook
(in Japanese)
Instagram Official

Parloar Achan

This restaurant seems to be closed.
It is a restaurant that also operates guest houses.

Business Hours Unclear
Closed Unclear
Menu Yaeyama soba : 600yen
Coconut crab soba : Market value (Reservation required)
Map No.  5 
Web Official
(in Japanese)
Instagram Instagram

Minshuku Miyayoshiso

This restaurant seems to be closed.
This is a guest house, but it seems to be operate as a restaurant during the day.

Business Hours Unclear
Closed Unclear
Menu Unclear
Map No.  6 
Web https://heart-kuroshima.com/miyayoshi/
(in Japanese)
Instagram Official

There are no supermarkets

Tama Shoten

There are no supermarkets, convenience stores or drug stores on Kuroshima Island. There is a small store (called Shoten) on the island, but there aren’t many items for sale and the prices are high.

When it comes to drinks, there are vending machines for drinks, but not many. Therefore, if you need something on Kuroshima Island, we recommend that you buy it on Ishigaki Island before you go.

Kuroshima Island does not have much shade, so sunscreen is essential when cycling around the island. You should buy it on Ishigaki Island before you go.

Map No. 1 

There are no resort hotels


Most of the visitors to Kuroshima Island are day trips. However, there are some experiences such as starry sky observation that can only be done by staying at Kuroshima Island.

The accommodation on Kuroshima Island is a *Minshuku, and there is no hotel.

When you book accommodation on this island, you should choose an accommodation plan with dinner. There is no restaurant on Kuroshima Island where you can eat dinner.

Furthermore, there are no supermarkets or convenience stores too. Therefore, if you have what you need for your stay, you should buy it on Ishigaki Island before going to Kuroshima Island.

 Shimayado Nankuru 
This is a Minshuku near Nishinohama

 Minshuku Achan 
This accommodation also operates a restaurant.

 Minshuku Kuroshima 
This accommodation also operates snorkel tours.

 Minshuku Nodoka 

 Minshuku Miyayoshiso 

 Minshuku Nakataso 

 Minshuku Miyukiso 

Kuroshima Island ATM information

Kuroshima Post Office

There are no banks on Kuroshima Island and no place to exchange foreign currency. But you can withdraw money with the credit card or cash card issued by overseas financial institutions at the post office.
There is an ATM in the Japanese post office, and there is one post office on Kuroshima Island.

The payment method on the island is cash in most places. Therefore, you should prepare cash on Ishigaki Island before going to the island.

Kuroshima Post Office

Business Hours 8:45 to 5:30pm (Weekday)
9:00 to 5:00pm (Sat.)
Closed Sun., Holiday
Address 1032-1,Kuroshima,Yaeyama-gun Taketomi-cho,Okinawa
Web Post Office Website

Emergency medical care

Kuroshima hospital

There is only one clinic on Kuroshima Island. It is not a 24-hour medical examination system.

You will call the clinic directly during the office hours and the Ambulance Service (119) during the non-office hours.

The clinic is located near Kuroshima Post Office in the Agarisuji area.

 Office Hours 
Weekday : 9:00 to 12:00pm、1:00pm to 4:00pm
Sat., Sun., Holiday
 Phone Number 
119 (Ambulance Service)

  Map No. 

There are no trash cans

Sea Turtle

There are no trash cans on Kuroshima Island. There are no it put even at Kuroshima Port. You will need to bring back any garbage you bring in.
You should take a garbage bag to this island and bring your trash back to Ishigaki Island to keep this beautiful landscape.

Free Wi-Fi

Taketomi Free WiFi

Kuroshima Island belongs to Taketomi Town. Therefore, you can use the free public Wi-Fi provided by Taketomi Town on Kuroshima Island. However, the Wi-Fi hotspots are only the following two places, and we think that they can hardly be used for your sightseeing.

Wi-Fi hotspot : Kuroshima Port Ferry Terminal, Nakamoto Beach

Taketomi Town Free Wi-Fi ID : Taketomi-Free-Wi-Fi
PASSWORD : No password

When you go sightseeing on the island, a map is essential because there are only guide signs written in Japanese. We recommend that you prepare a router or SIM card to use Google Maps.

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