How to rent a bicycle on Taketomi Island

Cycling on Taketomi Island

*This article confirmed the information in February 2023.

Taketomi Island is a small island with a circumference of about 9km, and you can walk about it. However, it is hard to walk in the hot weather, so many visitors to the island enjoy sightseeing by rental bicycle. Taketomi Island has almost no slopes, so even children can ride a bicycle comfortably.

POINTIf you go sightseeing on the island by bicycle, it will take 3 or 4 hours even if you go around slowly.

You cannot rent a car or motorbike on Taketomi Island. The only means of transportation other than bicycles is by bus or taxi.

No rental bicycle reservation required
Tomori Kanko is recommended for rental bicycles
Taketomi Tourist Center is recommended for the buffalo tour
Comparison of rental bicycle shops
Standard cycling plan
Precautions when cycling on Taketomi Island
Taketomi Island Tour with Rental Bicycle

No rental bicycle reservation required

When you arrive at Taketomi Port by ferry, there are shuttle cars for rental bicycle shops and buffalo tour companies on the left side. You don’t need to make a reservation to get on it, and if you take the shuttle car of the bicycle rental shop you want to use, it will take you to the shop.

The fee comparison of the rental bicycle shop is described later.

Taketomi Port Map

  How to rent a bicycle  
1. You get on the shuttle car of the shop where you want to rent a bicycle.
Pick-up at the Taketomi Port

2. You do a simple lending procedure at the shop. At that time, the staff will explain the departure time of the shuttle car to the port and precautions for using the rental bicycle.
You will get a map of the island from the staff and start cycling.
You can leave your baggage other than valuables at the shop.
Inside the bicycle rental shop
3. You will pay the fee when you return the bicycle.

Tomori Kanko is recommended for rental bicycles

Tomori Kanko bicycle rental shop

You can get coupons from the Tomori Kanko website.

1. You take a screenshot of the coupon.
2. You will show the coupon to the staff when you do a lending procedure at the shop.
3. You will get a 10% discount.

The coupon applies only to city bicycles and cannot be used for electric bicycles.

Taketomi Tourist Center is recommended for the buffalo tour

Taketomi Tourist Center

The buffalo tour on Taketomi Island is operated by two companies, Nitta Kankou and Taketomi Tourist Center. Both also offer rental bicycle services.

We checked it in January 2023 and the price has been revised and is no longer a good deal.
At Taketomi Tourist Center, rental bicycles are only available to buffalo tour participants, so the price of rental bicycles is about 1,000 yen cheaper
than other companies. Taketomi Tourist Center is a good choice if you want to take both a buffalo tour and a rental bicycle.

Buffalo tour fee comparison and how to participate” is summarized on another page.

Comparison of rental bicycle shops

There are several rental bicycle shops on Taketomi Island. This is a comparison of the major shops. There is almost no difference in price, but there are differences in the types of bicycle you can rent.

There are not many tandem bicycles and child bicycles, so it is better to check the availability by phone.

POINTThere are only two shops where you can rent a tandem bicycle.
・Tomori Kanko
・Maruhachi cycle

Taketomi Island is almost flat. Therefore, you can comfortably go around the island even by city bicycle.

Taketomi Island comparison rental bicycle shop

Tomori Kanko

Maruhachi cycle : 0980-85-2260

Nitta Kankou

Taketomi Tourist Center

Standard cycling plan

This is a standard cycling plan that goes around the major tourist attractions of Taketomi Island. If you are sightseeing on this standard plan, it will take 3, 4 hours.

There are several bicycle parking lots is the residential area in the center of the island. It is recommended that you park your bicycle there and walk around in the area. There is a unique “Shisa” on the roof of the house in that area. It’s fun to take a walk while paying attention to things like this.

The Shisa is an Okinawan lion dog statue. Shisa has the meaning of amulet and is installed in many buildings in Okinawa.

Taketomi Shisa

POINTTaketomi Island does not have much shade.

The only places where you can take a rest with air conditioning are restaurants or Taketomi Port Ferry Terminal. Taketomi Port Ferry Terminal can be used freely, and there are vending machines and toilets, so it is recommended for cycling breaks.

Taketomi Cycling Plan

The map below also includes information on the slopes. If you go sightseeing from No.1 on the map, you can avoid going uphill and you can comfortably go sightseeing by bicycle.

Precautions when cycling on Taketomi Island

The road in the village is a sandy road, so it is difficult to balance the bicycle and it is very easy to fall. Especially children should walk in the village. There are several bicycle parking lots in the village.

Taketomi Island does not have much shade. Therefore, a hat and sunscreen are essential.

You should buy a drink in the village before you start cycling. There are few vending machines outside the village.

Rental bicycles do not have a key. When you arrive at the tourist attractions, there are many similar bicycles parked. You should check the number of the bicycle you rented and ride it so that you do not mistake it for someone else’s bicycle.
Rental bicycle

There are off-limits area on the island. There are various reasons for this, such as private property and sacred places. Would you like to give consideration to the residents.

Taketomi Island Tour with Rental Bicycle

There is a package tour that includes a round-trip ferry fare between Ishigaki Island and Taketomi Island and a rental bicycle fee on Taketomi Island. You can go cheaper than going by yourself.

These tours give you the freedom to decide what time to take the ferry and where to go on your bike.

This tour is offered by a tour company in the Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal. If you want to participate in the tour, you can make a reservation at the website below, by phone, or at the shop counter.

Tour company
Yaeyama Kanko Ferry
Ishigaki Island Travel Center (only in Japanese)

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