How to get on the bus on Iriomotejima (schedule, route, bus pass)

Iriomotejima Bus

*This article confirmed the information in March 2023.

・You can go to major tourist attractions by bus.
・4 buses a day
・If you plan to travel around Iriomote Island by bus, it is essential to take a shuttle bus operated by a ferry company.
・There are bus pass 1-day tickets and 3-day tickets.

Transportation on the Iriomote Island is car rental, bus, taxi, and motorbike rental. Many people use car rentals to travel around the island, but major tourist attractions can also be reached bus.

However, the number of buses on Iriomote Island is smaller than that on Ishigaki Island, so plan ahead before using.

If you travel within Iriomote Island by bus, you can travel efficiently by taking the free shuttle bus operated by the ferry company. “How to take the free shuttle bus on Iriomotejima” is summarized on another page. This is a must-see for anyone traveling by bus.

This page is created based on the information on Iriomotejima Kotsu, which operates the route bus on Iriomote Island.

Bus Route of Iriomotejima Bus
Bus Schedules and Fares of Iriomotejima Bus
How to get on the bus
Bus Stop of Iriomotejima Bus
Bus Pass of Iriomotejima Bus
Iriomotejima Bus trip Best Plan
Package tour with bus sightseeing

Bus Route of Iriomotejima Bus

There is only one route on Iriomote Island bus. The bus operates back and forth road along the coast of the island. However, this route covers major tourist attractions. If you know the name of the nearest bus stop to your destination, you won’t get lost.
We have created a map of all bus stops and major tourist attractions. Please download and use it.

Iriomote Bus Route

download Bus Route (PDF:0.1MB)

Bus Schedules and Fares of Iriomotejima Bus

*Bus schedule March 2023 version. (latest)

Iriomote Island is the second largest island in Okinawa Prefecture after the main island of Okinawa, and it takes time to move. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes by bus from the first bus stop to the final bus stop. In addition, since the number of buses is small, make a plan and use them.

   How to payment  
Cash only / Prepayment
It depends on the ride section

We have summarized the bus schedule, fares, and facilities around the bus stop. Please use it for your trip.

The fare written is the adult fare per person. Child fare is half the adult fare. Elementary school students are eligible the child fare. Children under elementary school age are free.

Iriomote Bus Schedule to Uehara Port

Iriomote Bus Schedule to Ohara Port

download timetable (PDF:0.1MB)

How to get on the bus

Inside Iriomotejima Bus

The only payment method for bus fares is cash. You pay the bus fare when you get on the bus. You pay the bus fare at the machine next to the bus driver.

The fare depends on the destination. So when you get on the bus, tell the driver your destination and the driver will tell you the fare.

When you want to get off the bus, push the stop button.

The money you can use on the bus is as follows.
1,000 yen bill, 500 yen coin, 100 yen coin, 50 yen coin, 10 yen coin.
These money can be exchanged on the bus.

Money available on the bus

Bus Stop of Iriomotejima Bus

The wooden bus stop is the bus stop for Iriomotejima Bus. The bus stop has a timetable and the name of the next stop, but only in Japanese.

Iriomotejima bus stop

Bus Pass of Iriomotejima Bus

Iriomotejima Bus Pass

There is a 1-day bus pass (1,050 yen) and a 3-day bus pass (1,570 yen) that you can use all route buses on the island as many times as you want while the ticket is valid.

If you take a bus between Uehara Port and Ohara Port, which are the gateway to the island, it costs 1,060 yen one way. Considering this, this ticket is a great value ticket for traveler by bus.

 How to buy 
You can buy this ticket from the bus driver.
1day pass : 1,050yen
3days pass : 1,570yen

 How to use 
It’s easy to use, just show the ticket to the driver when getting on the bus. This is convenient because you don’t need to prepare coins when you get on the bus.

Iriomotejima Bus trip Best Plan

Iriomote Island Shirahama BusStop

This is a proposal for a day trip to Iriomote Island using only a route bus.
Due to the small number of route buses, there are not many places that can be reached on a day trip. If you are traveling only by route bus, we recommend staying overnight.

In addition, we recommend taking the shuttle bus operated by the ferry company.

  Best Plan  
*Schedule as of October 2021
1. 「Ishigaki Port」 Dep. (8:30) 「Iriomotejima Ohara Port」(about 9:15)
2. 「Ohara Port」 Dep. (9:35) get off 「Yubu Suigyusha Stand」(9:58)
3. Take a buffalo car to Yubu Island 「Iriomotejima」 Dep. (10:30) 「Yubu Island」
4. Enjoy Yubu Island
5. Lunch at Yubu Island
6. Take a buffalo car to Iriomotejima 「Yubu Island」 Dep. (pm 1:45) 「Iriomotejima」
7. 「Yubu Suigyusha Stand」 Dep. (pm 2:23) get off 「Hoshizuna Beach」(pm 3:09)
8. Enjoy the beautiful beach
9. Tea time while looking at the sea at Restaurant Hoshinosuna
10. 「Hoshizuna Beach」 Dep. (pm 4:06) get off 「Uehara Port」(pm 4:20)
11. 「Uehara Port」 Dep. (pm 5:30) 「Ishigaki Port」

If you go to the destination of this plan, the following tour is cheaper. Furthermore, this tour is recommended as you can apply for it on the day and decide to go depending on the weather of the day. In addition, you can even decide which ferry to depart.

Tour company
Anei Kanko Ferry

Package tour with bus sightseeing

POINT・The tour company is located in the Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal.
・Tours are convenient and cheap to go to remote islands.

There is a one-day package tour that includes a round-trip ferry fare between Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island and bus sightseeing fee. These package tours are recommended for those who want to travel around tourist attractions efficiently by bus. However, there is not much freedom because the ferry time you can board is fixed.

These tours are offered by the tour company in Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal. If you would like to take a tour, you can book at the website below, by phone or at the shop counter.

Tour company
Hirata Tourism
Yaeyama Kanko Ferry
Anei Kanko Ferry
Ishigaki Dream Tours
Ishigaki Island Travel Center (only in Japanese)
Yamaneko Tours (only in Japanese)

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