How to take Azuma Bus (route bus on Ishigaki)


On this page, we will explain how to take the Azuma Bus, which is a route bus on Ishigaki Island.

How to get on/off the bus
How to pay the fare for Azuma Bus
Bus Stop of Azuma Bus

How to get on/off the bus

How to get on

1. When the bus comes, please check the destination displayed on the front of the bus. Destination sign

2. Please get on the bus from the front door.Available DoorIt is from the front door not only when getting on but also when getting off.

3. Take a numberd ticket.
When the door opens, there is a numbered ticket machine in front of you.
This is required when getting off the bus. Machine read it, so don’t fold it.
NumberedTicket machine
Numbered ticket

Inside the bus

The next bus stop will be displayed on the monitor inside the bus. In addition, it also has voice guidance in English.
The number of the numbered ticket is also displayed on the monitor. The number displayed below it is the fare.

Fare monitor

How to get off

1. Press the stop button when you want to get off the bus.
There are buttons in various places such as handrails and walls inside the bus.
Leave your seat after the bus stops.
Stop button

2. Put the numbered ticket and cash in the fare box next to the driver.
How to pay the fare will be explained in detail in the next chapter.
Fare box

3. You get off the front door.

How to pay the fare for Azuma Bus

Fare box

The only payment method for bus fares is cash. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a Bus Pass.
You pay the bus fare when you get off the bus. You pay the bus fare at the machine next to the bus driver.

This machine has a separate money changer and fare box. You need to put the exact amount in the fare box. Even if you put money in the fare box, it will not be changed automatically.

The money you can use on the bus is as follows.
1,000 yen bill, 500 yen coin, 100 yen coin, 50 yen coin, 10 yen coin.
These money can be exchanged on the bus.
You cannot use 10,000 yen bills and 5,000 yen bills.

Money available on the bus

1. If you need to exchange money, do so first.Azuma Bus Farebox

2. Insert the numbered ticket and fare into the fare box.
You need to put in the fare without change.
When you insert a numbered ticket, the fare and the amount you put in will be displayed on the monitor.
You put money into it so that ‘A’ and ‘B’ are the same.
Farebox monitor

Bus Stop of Azuma Bus

The yellow bus stop is the bus stop for Azuma Bus. The bus stop is written “BUS STOP”. The bus stop has a timetable and the name of the next stop, but only in Japanese.

Our website creates a map of around major tourist attractions and shows the bus stop locations and bus destinations on the map. Please see the “Things To Do“.

Azuma Bus stop

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