Fusaki Beach – The best sunset spot beach on Ishigakijima

Fusaki Beach sunset

Welcome to Fusaki Beach
How to get to Fusaki Beach
Go to Fusaki Beach by route bus
Go to Fusaki Beach by taxi
Go to Fusaki Beach by rental car
Facility Information of Fusaki Beach

Welcome to Fusaki Beach

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・It’s a natural beach in front of hotel.
・It’s also available for non-guests.
・There are plenty of facilities such as rental of marine items and showers.
・Sunset spot

Fusaki Beach is a popular sunset spot on Ishigaki Island. There is a pier called “Angel Pier” with a characteristic shape, which matches the sunset. Fusaki Beach is a beautiful natural beach where you can enjoy not only the sunset but also swimming and marine activities.

Fusaki Beach

Fusaki Beach is located in front of the Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel, but even non-guests can use it for free. It is a recommended beach because it is convenient because there are facilities such as clean showers and changing rooms managed by the hotel, as well as restaurants. You can also use the parking lot of the hotel.

In addition, the hotel offers a variety of marine activities and rentals such as snorkeling, SUP and wakeboarding. The prices for these are different for hotel guests and visitors, but visitors can also enjoy a variety of activities.

Fusaki Beach can be used free of charge all year round, even in the winter season from November to February. It’s cold to swim in this season, but you can rent a wetsuit and enjoy marine activities even in winter.

How to get to Fusaki Beach

Transportation to get there
Route bus
Rental car

Fusaki Beach is located in the southwest of Ishigaki Island, about 15 minutes by car from the city center (around the Bus Terminal or Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal) and about 35 minutes by car from the airport. You can get there by route bus, rental car or taxi.

There is a bus stop near Fusaki Beach, and there are showers and changing rooms on the beach, so you can even go by route bus.

If you are staying at Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel, please see “Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel popular on Ishigakijima” on another page. The hotel guests can take the hotel’s free shuttle bus from the airport.

Go to Fusaki Beach by route bus (Azuma Bus)

Azuma Bus Route9

Route buses (Azuma Bus) to Fusaki Beach depart from the Bus Terminal. Fusaki Beach is a few minutes walk from the bus stop.

If you are going from Ishigaki Airport, you need to transfer at the “Bus Terminal”.

How to get to Fusaki Beach by bus
  Bus stop name  
Fusaki Beach Resort ( 3-minute walk to Fusaki Beach)

  Bus Route  
 From Bus Terminal (6 buses / day)  No.9(320yen)

Azuma Bus Schedules from Bus Terminal

*Latest bus schedule as of December 2023

There are 6 buses a day from the Bus Terminal to Fusaki Beach. Route No.9 bus is the only bus that goes to Fusaki Beach.

The bus fare from the Bus Terminal to Fusaki Beach is 320 yen.

 Riding Time 
20 minutes
320 yen

BusSchedule KabiraLineFromBT

BusSchedule KabiraLineReturn

download timetable
Route9 (PDF:0.4MB)

Azuma Bus Schedules from Airport

*Latest bus schedule as of December 2023

There is no route bus from Ishigaki Airport to Fusaki Beach. You need to transfer to Route No.9 at the “Bus Terminal”.

Fusaki Beach has free lockers, but they are small in size. If you have large baggage such as a suitcase, you should leave it in the locker at the Bus Terminal or the Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal.

 Riding Time 
55 minutes – 60 minutes (It depends on the route.)
860 yen
1.  Bus Route No.4 or 10「Ishigaki Airport」Dep. (35 – 40 min)
get off 「Bus Terminal」(540)

2.  Bus Route No.9「Bus Terminal」Dep. (20 min)
get off 「Fusaki Beach Resort」(320)
*You can buy a Bus Pass for a route bus for 1,000 yen.

Route Bus (Azuma Bus) Stop at Ishigaki Airport

departure (From Ishigaki Airport to Bus Terminal)BusSchedule AirportLineFromAirport

return (From the Bus Terminal to Ishigaki Airport)BusSchedule AirportLineFromBT

download timetables
Route4 (PDF:0.4MB)
Route10 (PDF:0.5MB)
Route Map (PDF:0.3MB)

Fusaki Beach Bus trip Best Plan

It is a proposal of a plan to enjoy the area around Fusaki Beach by route bus. It is a plan to enjoy Kabira Bay and Fusaki Beach.

 Best Plan 
1. Route No.9「Bus Terminal」 Dep. (8:55) get off 「Kabira Park」(Kabira Bay)
2. Enjoy the view from the Kabira Park Observatory
3. Route No.9「Kabira Park」 Dep. (10:39) get off 「Fusaki Beach Resort」(11:02)
4. Lunch at the cafe “Aqua Garden” in the hotel
5. Enjoy marine activities at Fusaki Beach
6. Watch the beautiful sunset at Fusaki Beach
7. Route No.9「Fusaki Beach Resort」 Dep. (7:37pm) get off 「Bus Terminal」(8:00pm)

Go to Fusaki Beach by taxi

Fusaki Hotel Taxi Stand

There are taxi stands at Ishigaki Airport and Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal.
There is a taxi stand at Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel too.

Taxi fare and riding time
  Approximate fare  
Airport Fusaki Beach : 4,100
Bus Terminal Fusaki Beach : 1,700

  Riding Time  
Airport Fusaki Beach : About 35 minutes
Bus Terminal Fusaki Beach : About 15 minutes

Go to Fusaki Beach by rental car

It is convenient to use a MAPCODE mapcode to set the destination of the car navigation system.
*MAPCODE is numerical number that the latitude and longitude of a place in Japan are converted into.

If you go to Fusaki Beach, you can also go by setting Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel as your car navigation destination.

How to get to Fusaki Beach by rental car
1625 Arakawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa
mapcode : 956 434 034*24

  Riding Time  
Airport Fusaki Beach : About 35 minutes
Bus Terminal Fusaki Beach : About 15 minutes

  Parking Lot  
You can use the parking lot of Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel.
Paid parking (500yen / hour)
Fusaki Hotel ParkingLot

Facility Information of Fusaki Beach

Fusaki Beach is a free beach in front of the Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel and is open all year round. It can be used by non-hotel guests.

It is convenient not only for hotel guests but also for non-guests as they can use the clean showers, changing rooms and restaurants managed by the hotel. Showers and changing rooms are free for even visitors, making it a conscientious hotel.

Fusaki Hotel Shower and Locker

There are also various marine activities and marine item rentals offered by the hotel, and not only guests but also visitors can receive these full services. You can apply for marine activities and rent marine items at the Beach Station in the Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel. In addition, showers and changing rooms are also located here. These facilities are available all year round.

Beach Station

Fusaki Beach

Business Hours 9:00 – 5:30pm
9:00 – 6:30pm (Jun. – Sep.)
9:00 – 4:30pm (Winter season (Nov. – Feb.))
Admission Free
Closed No Closing days
Web Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel
Parking Lot 〇 (500yen / hour)
Toilets 〇(Multipurpose Toilets : 〇)
Changing rooms 〇 (Free)
Shower 〇 (Free)
Lockers 〇 (Free. Small size)
Lifeguards 〇 (March – October only)
Jellyfish Net
Rental beach items 〇 (Beach Station)

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